Social Impact& Non-Profit Ventures

I'm always interested in hearing about your initiatives, for the short to mid-term dispersed smaller scale renewable initiatives such as micro-grids are going to play a key in the empowerment of African people.

Despite my current location I was born in Zimbabwe and lived much of my live in South Africa. Africa has and always will remain close to my heart.

If a point of electricity is created within a rural area the spark of development is lit. People are better able to develop themselves through healthier living conditions (eliminating reliance on paraffin stoves etc.), access to information (mobile phones etc.), ability to study (lighting etc.) and access to work.

Access to work drives millions into the overcrowded hubs, power in their home communities could mean the primary industries such as farming could become viable commercial enterprises. Secondary industries could be allowed to take root such as food processing, gradually expanding the value chain within the country.

Market activities within Africa have for far too long been purely extractive, removing the raw material and processing it in a value chain that exists abroad. Critical infrastructure allows some of this value chain to relocate to Africa and in turn bring value to Africa.

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