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What value can we bring to you?


A key function here is the blog and information sharing aspect of this site, information is power and to many good initiatives die in isolation.

I have intentionally structured my capabilities both with Base Load Africa LTD and my recruitment company MegaWatt Project Solutions LTD around small to mid-sized organisations looking to develop, construct or operate renewable and conventional power assets in emerging markets (With niche expertise in Africa). Although complementary in some situations I keep the two distinctly separate with Base Load Africa addressing broader concerns within the power sector  

The African continent is the largest emerging market in the world  and considered as the final continental frontier market. However various challengers see the smaller player regularly run out of steam or get caught in development limbo. My biggest offering to you is my network and networking capacity. There are resources available to assist new initiatives within Africa and my intention is to explore these and when needed gain you access to key expertise to drag your project from feasibility to construction.

I have 10 years experience mainly focussed on Sub-Sahara Africa and most recently specifically in the energy sphere assisting IPPs, investment companies and construction companies operating in diverse regions ranging from Guinea to Mozambique. Disclaimer: I am not an engineer or a finance expert, I do however know a lot of both and have invaluable insight into Africa and the challenges it poses to you.

This is a highly fluid environment prone to change and I recently I took the decision that in order to best cater to this market I would need to act in a self-employed capacity in order to offer the flexibility needed to address the needs of smaller companies in this sphere. Naturally I am still involved in the recruitment sphere offering bespoke flexible solutions through my 2nd company the afore mentioned MegaWatt Project Solutions LTD.


Secondly my recruitment experience has given me lot of insight into the pressures that people aspects of your project will place on you business, I adopt a project management approach to your capacity building.

My clients generally operated smaller teams during the development phase focussed mainly on financial modelling and deal structuring with technical consultants or part time semi-retired engineering professionals offering technical underpinning for the project. Once the agreements were approved this in turn required a fundamental shift to an execution focussed business model often overloading the streamline business structures. Time and resources are put under pressure especially as the business has been in a holding pattern during the often lengthy period preceding financial close.

Mobilising project teams requires research, planning with key milestones identified, costing, in some cases the identification of in-country partners (for which I have a data-base) and the time to do it. The time factor during a rapid ramp up and refocusing process is often where I add value allowing your internal teams to focus on the non-people focussed aspects of the project. A more holistic intensive approach supplying support to your own budgeting, time frame management, data gathering and compliance processes related to assembling a proficient project team ready to mobilise when you need them and within your budgets. As a freelancer I am even able to work remotely out of the way or at your offices directly supporting your teams as a managed service.

Prior to any undertaking I will perform a full needs assessment (Of which I can supply additional information) in order to ensure there are no redundant processes. A key point for clarification is that you will likely have internal resources such as an HR team, I am not an HR generalist and my service is neither a duplication nor a competitive process to what they do. My sole expertise is planning and securing teams for mobilisation integrating with your existing HR and project management structures. I am happy to share strategies and tools with your internal departments in order to ensure continued success after my involvement is complete.  

Needs Assessment - The People Aspect of your project

Data gathering

  • What are you building?
  • Where is the project?
  • When is financial close likely to be due and when is the intended mobilisation?
  • Are personnel budgets set, are these realistic?

 Due diligence

  • Basic risk assessment, country characteristics and challenges
  • Identification of in-country partners if needed (I have a database)
  • Assess the presence of similar projects within the location or economic region (Eg. ECOWAS), this provides useful information regarding budgeting, success factors and access to skills.

 Resource Assessment

  • What do you already have
  • What can you find through your own network
  • What do you need or feel will be a challenge to secure under your existing structure. 



Once I understand your situation

Once I understand the nature of your situation, the challenges you face and your ability to deal with these we can begin do generate a plan of action, I study project management and a full plan will be generated indicating a work sequence, a schedule and a risk management plan. This leaves you to focus on getting your PPA signed, reaching financial close with personnel aspects incorporated into your budget and finally get your project build. Additionally I can supply recruitment solutions via MegaWattPS or even manage your existing suppliers.

Socio-Ecomonic Projects

If you are involved in a non-profit or small scale social impact project I'd love to speak to you. I'm always more than happy to share advice, introduce you to people that can help and do whatever I can do to assist.


Advice, information or just a little support?

Not all advice or support need incur a cost, I lean heavily on the expertise and support of those in my network and sometimes a conversation to sound board your thoughts is all you need.

At the end of the day my success is based on the success of those around me. I've been privileged enough to benefit from excellent advice and support from experienced professionals and I'll always remember my roots and firmly believe in paying this forward.