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My Approach

Much of the approach to Africa has been fragmented, both internally through lack of inter-country or even intra-country integration as well as externally with many especially smaller developers operating in isolation.

Through networking more synergy is exposed, my network can become your network gaining access to information and repositories of experience beyond the boundaries of your business. Africa is also responding, creating economic zones such as the East African Community and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Integration of resources is key and on a very small scale this is what I hope to achieve.

My Story

Every business has a beginning, and mine came through 100's of discussions with those looking to develop infrastructure in Africa. Within the staffing industry I gained access to various prominent Western and African based stakeholders within the sector.

During discussions I noticed various disconnects within the sector, these disconnects existed between developers, investors, operators, off-takers and even between the staffing sector and the market we served.

Especially at the level of a smaller developer more support was needed that I was able to offer within old paradigms, key personnel still need to be secured to ensure project success that I still involve myself in but this is only part of the puzzle and not really what made me tick.

Meet the Team (Me)

This is a learning organisation and the services will develop over time, as a sole proprietor I base my own approach on flexibility, continual development and tailor made solutions.

My true strength is my network, it is a daily exercise to develop, expand and create value within this sphere. I am passionate about Africa and developing capacity to assist the infrastructure sector within the continent, this involves furthering my knowledge into the humanities, nuts and bolts knowledge of the construction sector and even trying to learn some of the languages.

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Founder, Blogger and Africa Enthusiast


I was born in Harare Zimbabwe but lived much of my life in South Africa prior to moving to the United Kingdom.

I was first involved in the African projects sector in South Africa working within the recruitment sector and then continued this in the UK helping build the African service delivery capacity within a small recruitment consultancy and been part of its considerable growth.

After some time I realised there was an increasing rift between the recruitment sector and the sector we served. Some of this was address by broad staffing solutions however as with many sectors the uptake can be slow especially with regard to supporting smaller players within the dynamic and demanding African infrastructure sector.

I chose to become self employed partially because I wanted to expand my service delivery portfolio and to offer the flexibility required by smaller and mid-sized entities looking to play a key role in the empowerment of this great soulful continent

Contact me

Contact me for an open discussion, this can be strictly confidential if need be, if I were to wan to use anything for my blog I would naturally ask permission, my email address is