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I've been involved this sector for more than ten years, during the course of this I've taken a keen interest within the African Power sector, building a large network spanning Western based developers, African based companies and key individuals within the sector.

  • The Power Blog, more than happy to help shed light on new initiatives, ideas and trends and invite all interested contributors, I have 10 000+ followers on social media and manage LinkedIn groups comprising of more than 30 000 members.
  • I am skilled at identifying key forums and giving ideas airtime, whether you have a non-profit project needing funding / partners or a profit making venture that needs circulating.
  • I am actively researching a number of bottlenecks within the African power project sector and identifying in collaboration with my network ways of overcoming these. If you have  problem I probably have the network to help you.
  • Open discussion, I am technology agnostic and bring a different point of view (as well as the opinions of my network).

Too many ideas die in isolation, lets share resources and hopefully play some small role in powering Africa.

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MegaWatt Project Solutions

This is my recruitment business and is a separate limited company. This is a stripped back streamlined recruitment provider specifically constructed in order to support small and mid-sized entities involved in power projects in Sub-Sahara Africa.

  • Focussed solely on your market providing bespoke solutions featuring both in-depth market knowledge and value for money.
  • Set up under an umbrella company featuring comparable insurances and tools offered by large agencies.
  • Flexibility, I set my own hours making my service ideally suited to emergencies and the fast uptake characterised during the short periods immediately preceding and post financial close.
  • Assurance, If you award me your business it will be my sole focus and results at guaranteed.

For recruitment matters please consult www.megawattps.com or contact me on neil.nixon@megawattps.com


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Needs Assessment: The people aspect of your project

In my time I've accumulated the knowhow to address a number of challenges but this experience has taught me never to assume and to realise despite common trends every situation and project is different.

The most important process is the open discussion of your situation, what your requirements are and your internal ability to meet these, at very least this will aid your own risk mitigation project processes.

  • What, where, when, etc.
  • What are your internal capacities?
  • What do you need (Staff, in country partners, etc.)?
  • What if? (Contingency and risk management)
  • Work spike management


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Project mobilisation

Having worked within the staffing sector I've been involved in a number of projects ranging in locations from Sierra Leone to Mozambique. I identified a key need especially with regard to small to mid-sized developers shifting from a BD focus pre-financial close model to a full execution focus. This happens quickly and puts severe pressure on internal resources.

  • A project management approach (Workflow, Priorities, Resources, Risk Management, etc).
  • Its critical that someone firstly is tasked with giving the people aspect of your project the visibility and voice required.
  • Preparation of critical milestones and check lists requiring a project management approach. I can plan and manage this process on a consulting basis setting out key milestones and assuming responsibility for risk management.
  • Establishing a rock solid schedule whilst managing risks. The people aspects can often be treated in a more haphazard manor than logistical and technical aspects.
  • Identifying and managing service providers (Recruiters, in country partners and consultants).
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Due Dilligence

When mobilising a project it helps to base your decisions on current intel within the market you intend to develop your project, this could include assessing in-country skills availability, identification of in country partners for compliance, identifying key in-country industry experts, basic risk identification and budgeting data accumulation to support your own budget control processes

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Base Load Africa

Africa is the largest emerging market in the world offering opportunities to just about all investment sectors. It is however characterised by extensive socio-economic challenges and deficiencies in even the most basic of human requirements. One of this is the access to electricity, you just have to look at the World Banks's global map of access to electricity to see much of the world is shaded in blue (>65.66%) where as the majority of Sub-Saharan Africa is almost white (<22.20%). (Credit to © 2017 The World Bank Group, All Rights Reserved).

Although the deficiencies are common throughout the continent it would be a mistake is to group Africa as a single entity with a single strategy. Africa is a complex melting pot of cultures, languages and approaches to business in turn creating a variety if challenges to international developers. I have worked across Africa and although I very openly admit don't have all the answers my experience has taught me how to find them and this is what I offer.


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Whant to Speak?

Unclear of how we can possibly assist each other? That's fine, the first step would be to contact me on neil@baseloadafrica.com, we can set up a conversation from there.